Where are you located?

I am located in Rodney District, Auckland. Currently, I am seeing clients online only, so the clinic is virtual.


What does it cost?

More information about consultations is on our services page linked here.


I am a Southern Cross health society member, can I claim on my consultation?

Yes, Sylvia is a New Zealand Registered dietitian, which means if dietitianservices are included in your plan, you may claim for the cost of the consultation from your provider.

Some tiers of coverage require a referral from a specialist for a complete reimbursement.


How long is a consultation?

More information about consultations is on our services page linked here. An initial consultation is one hour for one person, and 90 minutes if coming as a couple.


Do you offer video consultations?

Distance consultations are available over Zoom, Skype, or phone. Let me know if you’d prefer to meet this way, either if you’re from out of Auckland or to simply save the commute.


What’s the typical number of consultations / follow-up sessions?

The number of sessions we have will depend on how much support you need in order to get the results you’re after. It’s up to you. For some people, one or two sessions is enough to initiate a plan and then provide fine‑tuning to see results. For longer-term goals, I recommend regular follow-ups 4-6 weekly until you’re in a position where you feel that you have what you need to work at it alone.


Can I bring my partner or child to the consultation?

Yes, partners and other family member are welcome. We have two spare chairs for guests.


What should I bring to the consultation?

Bring any specific questions or issues that you want us to cover during our session. A complete food diary is not required; you will be asked a few questions on your current diet in your pre‑consultation form.

Bring any supplements you are taking or take pictures of the labels.

Bring along any recent medical letters or tests if these are relevant to your case.


Do I have to stand on scales?

The topic of body weight can be triggering for some people. Talking about body weight is not essential to see health improvements. We’ll only do measures if you want me to track these for you and if it is a specific goal of yours.


Can you advise me on supplements?

Yes, in a consultation, I would provide information and recommendations on supplements, where appropriate. Sometimes specific supplements will be included in your treatment plan, I ask that you follow this advice for best results.


Can you accommodate my diet for vegetarian/vegan diet, food allergies, sensitives, or special dietary needs?

Yes, I don’t subscribe to one particular dietary dogma or way of eating. My role as a dietitian is to help you balance your diet so that your needs are met. I’d like to help you understand where potential gaps might develop from certain dietary restrictions and how to mitigate these.


Anything else, get in touch.