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Dietitian – Sylvia North

Registered Dietitian and integrative Nutritionist

Hi there! My name is Sylvia I’m a NZ Registered dietitian and Integrative Nutritionist fueled of wholefood. I’m on a mission to help people better themshelves with the right nutrition and lifestyle choices.

sylvia dietitian

Professional Nutrition Advice

Personalised nutrition advice tailored specifically for your goals.

We consider a holistic approach to nutrition, health, and lifestyle.

See our services page for find out more about what a dietitian can do for you.

Integrative Nutrition

A functional approach considering the dynamic role of nutrition on health and wellness.

Why we focus on wholefood nutrition

Wholefood is nature’s making. It’s loaded with the vibrant nutrients which serve as a key foundation to health. Wholefood is the real deal. It’s minimally processed and free from added junk. Choosing to eat wholefood is about choosing to fuel your body with quality nutrition for energy, health, and happiness.

Our Services

Let me see what I can help you with. See our services page for more information

Nutrition Planning

Individualised approach.
Goal oriented plan.
Digestive problems,  food intolerances, IBS, Coeliac.
Hormonal problems.
Weight loss resistance.

Follow-up Support

Sustainable and enjoyable approach.
Identifying barriers.
Addressing your key concerns.

Food Planning

Realistic and achievable.
Recipe and meal ideas.
Meal planning and organisation.
Healthy eating out.
Eating on a budget.

Integrative Nutrition

Functional testing.
Identifying the underlying cause.
Holistic approach.

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