Getting healthier won’t be quick and easy,

but it will be worth it.

Dietitian – Sylvia North

Registered Dietitian and integrative Nutritionist

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I practice nutrition from a standpoint that there is certainly not one approach that fits all.

I also know that it’s not just about the food. It’s about making it work with your family, job, and still getting the chance to let your hair down on a Friday night. Using real-life strategies, we’ll aim to bring together all elements for meaningful results that actually stick. It’s about your goals, your body, and your lifestyle.

Good nutrition is so much more than just a calorie equation. The speciality areas that I’m passionate about include fertility and prenatal nutrition, digestive health (including but not limited to IBS), and reducing the effects of chronic inflammatory conditions.

If you think that’s you, see our services page to find out more about what I can do for you.

You’ve tried everything

> Not just dieting, food plans, and hundreds of dollars on recipe books to get you inspired.

> Not just a new gym membership or boot camps.

> Endless books, blogs, and facebook pages.

> None of it seemed to work for you …or maybe the industry doesn’t “get” you.

I get it.

Not every body is built the same.
I get that you have your own challenges, history, and personal goals.
I get that not everyone thrives following the same diet plan.
Working with a me means that we try to capture the whole picture, and formulate a plan that is just for you.

Work with a Registered Dietitian.

Areas of Expertise

Weight Loss


Pregnancy and Beyond

Gut Health

Why wholefood is not a fad

Nature doesn’t get it wrong. Makinging a switch to eat mostly wholefood over processed junk is the quickest way to start serving your health. Get the inputs correct and the outputs you’re after will follow.

Our Services

Let me see what I can help you with. See our services page for more information

Personalised Health Approach

Fully tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan.
Healthy lifestyle approach.
Realistic goal setting and accountability.
Measurable results.

Dietetic Consultation

Evidence-based practice.
Managing existing conditions.
Prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases.
Addressing your key concerns.

Integrative Expertise

Body systems approach.
Personalised health typing.
Restore gut health (FODMAPs, food intolerances, SIBO)
Gestational diabetes.
Fertility and pregnancy support.
Low carb, keto or ketogenic, paleo, ancestral health.

Food Industry Consults

Scientific review.
Menu development.
Nutritional analyses.
Product formulation.

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Hi there, my name is Sylvia!

I’m a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and PhD candidate.

My mission is to educate and empower people, at whatever stage in their journey, to excel toward optimal health and wellbeing.

I am passionate about pregnancy nutrition, gestational diabetes, and gut health.

Let’s talk.


It’s about more than just the food

You might not even realise the degree to which you’re standing in your own way when it comes to weight loss. Yes, you might come initially motivated for weight loss – but more importantly, prepare for a major mindset shift about how you view your body and your life after you reach your goals.

A strong mind and body must be fuelled by real food

The foundation of all healthy ways of eating always comes down to choosing minimally processed whole food. That means cutting down on sugar, refined carbs, processed industrial oils, and cheep additives. Eat nutrient-dense real food to fuel your body for optimal health.

Self-love and losing weight are not mutually exclusive

We believe you can love your body and be body-positive while feeling empowered on your own health journey. Of course, being able to love and accept yourself for who you are is absolutely important. However, self-love is not the opposite of healthy, sustainable weight loss. Your health journey isn’t about trying to change who you are – it’s about letting you to feel empowered and in control of your decisions to embrace your natural and vibrant self.

Food is medicine

Changing your diet doesn’t just affect your weight—it can prevent chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Healthy eating can support your body in so many ways that when we work to reduce overall inflammation, chronic symptoms improve or even disappear. Supporting your body’s natural energy and vibrancy isn’t magic, it’s science. Real food fuels the body’s natural healing power restores you to your best self.