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Dietitian – Sylvia North

Registered Dietitian and integrative Nutritionist

Your Health Journey Accelerated

We practice nutrition from a standpoint that there is certainly not one approach that fits all.

We’ll develop a personalised wellness plan tailored specifically for your goals. All bodies are unique, which is why we believe in using an integrative approach looking at your genes, environment, and lifestyle.


Personalised Wellness

We know it’s not just about the food. We bring together all elements for faster results. It’s about your goals, your body, your genetics, and your lifestyle.

Personalised wellness is about personalised results to make meaningful changes suited for your unique needs.

See our services page for find out more about what a dietitian can do for you.

Why we focus on wholefood nutrition

Wholefood is nature’s making. It’s loaded with the vibrant nutrients which serve as a key foundation to health. Wholefood is the real deal. It’s minimally processed and free from added junk. Choosing to eat wholefood is about choosing to fuel your body with quality nutrition for energy, health, and happiness.

Areas of Expertise

Weight Loss


Hormonal issues

Gut health

Our Services

Let me see what I can help you with. See our services page for more information

Personalised Wellness Packages

Personalised genetics assessment.
Fully tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan.
Realistic goal setting and accountability.
Measurable results.

Dietetic Consultation

Evidence-based practice.
Tailored meal planning.
Targeted for reaching your goals.
Addressing your key concerns.

Follow Up Support

Personal support.
Review and modify as life changes.
Realistic and achievable goal setting.
Recipe and meal ideas.
Meal planning and recipes.

Integrative Expertise

Body systems approach.
Ph360 personalised health.
Qi gong.
Special diets: Ancestral diets, elemental, keto or ketogenic, LCHF, low FODMAPs, paleo, SIBO-specific.

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Hi there, my name is Sylvia!

sylvia dietitian

I’m a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and Integrative Health Coach.

I’m here to lead a conversation about the power of nutrition and lifestyle in becoming our healthiest and most energised selves.

My mission is to educate and empower people, at whatever stage in their journey, to excel toward optimal health and wellbeing.

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