about me

Sylvia is a NZ Registered Dietitian with a love for all things health and wellness.

The way we eat and how we live are key to building a healthy body. Sylvia’s approach builds on this core foundation of using real food and real life strategies. Understanding all bodies are very complicated and unique, Sylvia has a special interest in a personalised health approach.

Sylvia specialises in personalised life-long healthy eating for energy, resilience, and freedom from dieting; overcoming weight loss resistance; addressing digestive problems and food intolerances; and supporting hormonal and mood problems.

Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Physiology
Qigong certification in Ba duan Jin 
Ph360.me Personalised Health Coach

My story

sylvia story image

My story as a modern Dietitian came in two parts.

Phase 1: The Gravity Moment

As a New Zealand trained Registered Dietitian, I followed through our traditional training pathway involving five years of university in the completion of two degrees – Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Physiology and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Naturally, as an A-type and perfectionist, I was really good at getting stuck into the physiology and biochemistry which came with our training. Then when it came to learning the nutrition guidelines I felt disheartened and frustrated with a disconnect I saw in my own life.

Despite obedience to our conventional health system, it seemed my body could not obey. Following the nutrition guidelines despite eating to total “perfection” seemed to draw me further from my goals leaving me inflamed and fatigued with a miserable extra five kilos which didn’t seem to budge. This disconnect between my energy, health, and intentions transferred across multiple areas of my wellbeing. I could never be thin enough, exercise enough, ‘liked’ enough, or smart enough. As a result, without the good quality nutrient-dense fuel my body needed, the most logical physiological response was hormonal shutdown, chronic fatigue, and a whole lot of not-so-fun gut issues.

As a student with a keen interest in physiology, I then naturally started to challenge the advice we were given. After all as an aspiring Dietitian, who was ever going to take nutrition advice from someone in such a poor state with their own health?


Phase 2:  Connecting the Why

Phase two of my journey to today was ushered in from the completion of my university Dietetics training which left a void of “what next?” After waking up to some of the current gaps in mainstream nutrition [and health in general] the idea of fitting tidily into a hospital setting didn’t quite gel.

It was soon after setting a clear intention about practising dietetics from a place of personal integrity, that I developed a clearer sense of purpose and passion for nutrition coaching.

My mission today is to create a voice and a conversation which enables people to become better informed and autonomous with their health and wellbeing. The most significant changes in health come from an expanded consciousness and awareness of our own bodies and individual needs. It shouldn’t be always about relying on expert opinion, but ultimately being able to intuitively know how we could eat, move, and live to be our optimal and most vibrant selves.