about me

Sylvia is a NZ Registered Dietitian with a love for all things health and wellness.

The way we eat and how we live are key to building a healthy body. Sylvia’s approach builds on this core foundation of using real food and real life strategies. Understanding all bodies are very complicated and unique, Sylvia has a special interest in working out an individual approach to using food as a powerful tool for drawing you closer to your goals.

Sylvia specialises in addressing digestive problems and food intolerance’s, hormonal problems, weight loss resistance, and poor energy levels.

Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Physiology
Qigong certification in Ba duan Jin 

My story

sylvia story image

I came to approach whole food and holistic living in my early twenties. As an A-type university student and perfectionist, I encountered an inner battle where I could never be thin enough, exercise enough, ‘liked’ enough, study enough, and my grades could never be perfect enough. I developed chronic fatigue, digestive problems, loneliness, symptomatic hypothyroid, and for three years stopped menstruating, but still had severe PMT.

I found myself questioning conventional nutrition advice where no level of calorie or fat restriction and eating to ‘perfection’ could bring me the vitality that the food pyramid had promised. I’ve learnt in my journey that food is not only chemistry comprising of nutrients and energy, but is also information to our bodies letting it know if the environment we’re living in is safe. To me, whole food means to embrace food in its most natural form and becoming in tune with the innate wisdom that your body really wants and needs to thrive.