What it’s like to work with Sylvia

    I met Sylvia around 6 months ago. I was looking for help to have more energy and to be more focused on my work. I got it! She helped me and supported me during my period of understanding what my body needed the most.
    Even during those anxiety attacks (which only happened once during the lock-down) she was there (online) and helped me to go through it smoothly. Her exact words were: “First of all DON’T FEEL GUILTY. Cravings and emotional eating is a totally normal response to stress”. I haven’t had them never again 🙂

    I absolutely do recommend her fantastic work!


    My husband, daughter and I consulted with Sylvia over several months. I found her very knowledgeable and approachable and was especially impressed with how she interacted with my daughter (aged 11 at the time). Sylvia’s approach is very motivating and she shows an immense interest in helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

    My reason for seeing Sylvia was for sustained weight loss and increase in energy, as well as changing my families diet and overall lifestyle to a healthier one. This goal was easily reached through her guidance of nutrition changes, and holistic approach to life. I easily reduced my weight by 14kg gradually (as planned) and approx. one year on from first meeting with Sylvia, this has stayed off and general wellbeing is much improved.

    I would highly recommend Sylvia. Her knowledge is great, she is very easy to work with, a great motivator, and very well-organised as far as following up after consultations etc.

    Suzanne Morley

    Sylvia and I met over Skype towards the end of May. By the end of September I had dumped 14kilos of unwanted weight. Effortlessly.Thanks to Sylvia and her expert scientifically based advice. She sees beyond weight to optimal health and I have always felt safe in her hands.


    Sylvia is SO lovely and kind and makes you feel at ease… and she made my weight loss journey feel quite effortless, even though I’d been struggling for a number of years on my own. I fully recommend Sylvia’s wonderful dietary expertise to everyone!


    Thank you Sylvia 🙂 you are very knowledgeable and approachable. With your guidance and support I have managed to overcome years of gut and digestion issues. 😃 winning!


    Sylvia is a warm and non-judgemental person with lots of great ideas and support for her clients.


    Sylvia is fantatstic. The advice Sylvia gave helped me reduce my hbA1c and to gain 3kg weight loss in less than 2 months. I would recommend anyone to book a consultation with Sylvia.


    I have really enjoyed meeting Sylvia from Fearless Nutrition. The changes she has helped me implement have really had a positive effect on my well being. Very easy to speak with and she is very encouraging.I would definitely recommend!


    I started working with Sylvia to address my flagging energy. In the first session Sylvia identified the areas where I was nutritionally deficient and set me on a course to address that by tweaking my diet and adding in some supplementation for a short while. The results have been fantastic, my energy is restored and through her education I now feel confident that I can nourish myself properly and maintain my vitality.

    I appreciated Sylvia’s empathetic approach and I always felt that she had my best interests at heart.


    Sylvia was the nutritionist that I needed! I struggle with weight, bloating, cravings and acid reflux. Sylvia was always professional, kind and efficient with her work. She created a food plan that fits my hectic lifestyle, involving a lot of restaurant eating. Within one week of the plan I had more energy, less bloating, lost weight and almost no reflux! She has helped me turn my life around. Even after a month I still find it easy to follow the food plan, even when I’m out at restaurants. Thank you Sylvia!


    Sylvia has helped me with my meal plans and worked around it with ease. In just few weeks I lose weight and my brain fog is not as bad as it used to be. Thanks Sylvia!


    Thanks so much for your help Sylvia. You’ve definitely changed my life, and how I feel. Plus, my dating life is much better haha!


    Words can not express the benefits to my health and particularly, inflammation reduction from Sylvia’s advice and recommendations.

    Based on a whole foods, healthy fats diet recommendation, I have lost 7 kgs in 10 weeks, had an 8pt reduction in Triglycerides and both HDL & LDL”s have returned to the normal range.


    I highly recommend seeing Sylvia if you want some guidance regarding diet and nutrition. After 2 consultations I am on the way to a healthier way of life and feeling much better in myself.


    I saw Sylvia for a nutrition check-in and to help with dealing with eczema and adrenal fatigue. She was warm, friendly, relatable and extremely knowledgeable. She provided me with some great ideas to boost my nutrition and overall health and also gave some ideas for supplements I could add. I really liked that she looked at the whole picture and was realistic with her recommendations so that they were manageable long term. I would say 80% of the changes I have made to my diet have now become firmly entrenched as new habits so that is a great success. I would highly recommend Sylvia to anyone who is looking for a holistic nutritionist who knows her stuff!


    I highly recommend this nutritionist. My own experience has brought about some radical change in what I eat and the way I eat it and it has now become a lifestyle change.


    When I first started working with you, being in an environment [surrounded by cakes and chocolate] would have been overwhelming. My appetite and hunger signals were so out of whack and the cravings I had for foods like this intense. If I did manage to abstain it would have been by white-knuckling it. Today I am working alone in the office and haven’t felt a single twinge of temptation. The bizarre food cravings and weird hunger are gone. This is without any effort, just steady commitment to the dietary and lifestyle changes you’ve helped me make. I hope you know how much you’ve helped me, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.


    Sylvia North worked with me, my 12yr old daughter and my wife. She is intuitive, knowledgable, and provided us with real advice based on traditional and the latest research, products and our lifestyle! As my daughter Lauren said “She’s so kind and supportive!” Thanks Sylvia you changed our lives!


    Fantastic advice, really helpful in providing suggestions for curbing my sugar cravings and healthy snack ideas. Felt like I had more energy within the first week of putting Sylvia’s suggestions in place. Highly recommended.


    I came to Sylvia looking to fine-tune my low carb nutrition, improve my lifestyle to support my cardivascular health, and integrate all this with my fitness interests. Sylvia listened closely, helped me understand my health profile, and given me practical advice & direction that’s really helped me move forward.


    Great service, advice and plans that work


    I have three appointments now with Sylvia and in the beginning I was trying a low-carb/keto diet with just the aid of Youtube videos. Having had these appointments with Sylvia, I now have a much better understanding of how diet and food affects both the body and the brain. I have increased my energy levels and feel much more in control of my day-to-day health. I thoroughly recommend Sylvia if you feel you need any help in working out exactly what diet works for your lifestyle of choice.


    Would definitely recommend Sylvia to those wanting an easy, stress free approach to eating. Thanks for helping me to find some quick, tasty meals to help me to reach my goals!