Personalised Health

ph360 is a unique lifestyle program that gives you customised, simple and practical insights for optimising your health, happiness, and genius-self.

What you’ll get with ph360 personalised health


1. Customised Guidance

We understand that not all bodies are created equal, and that it’s important for you to know and do what is right for your body, not anyone else’s. Using ph360, we deliver targeted recommendations that are right for you to help feel best and keep off excess weight.


2. Ongoing Support

As you career, family and lifestyle change, so might your health goals. We provide ongoing updated support to ensure your recommendations are suited to your current activity levels, health status, environment, stress levels, and mind


3. Real, Lasting Results

We’re looking to life-long solutions, not a onetime fix. Your results go beyond just weight loss they touch every part of your life.

Tracking progress with all your personal health goals as you go, helps you to celebrate the small and big victories along the way.

How it works

With Personalised Health we used a science-based platform called  ph360 which collects data from your body and uses a complex algorithm to provide suggestions on how to optimise your current health status with personalised, practical health advice.

We look at anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile.

Our body ‘s natural shape (anthropometric measures) has a lot more to say about our personal needs than meets the eye. Anthropometric measurements and across the body ratios provide unique insight into dominant genes and hormones which suggest certain health tendencies and personal needs. Similarly, to how the body displays signs and symptoms that can be used to assess its current state of health.

Your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside. From these simple physical assessments, ph360 personalises data specifically to your body, right now.

In short, are you done with generic food plans and the bottomless basin of Dr. google advice? Personalised wellness means completely personal to you.

Get in touch to book a consultation and by getting to know your unique needs, and this might be the last plan you ever look at.