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Work with me remotely

Many of us have become familiar with remote working since the great lookdowns of 2020/2021. While these unique times require further safety measures in Traffic Lights Red and Orange, I have elected to work entirely online.

Why work online?

As a dietitian, I do not need to physically touch people to perform my role. In this current climate, I feel that meeting remotely is best for both of us, because it means not being closed in a room together for an hour and not requiring a face covering.

I think it’s important to be able to see each other’s faces when discussing personal details about your health and nutrition. During a consultation, it is important that we can develop a mutual understanding so that your needs are understood, and I can do my best to help. Meeting via Telehealth allows us to overcome social distancing barriers. It also means we can feel more at ease about unknown exposures.

How does an online appointment work?

You will be sent a link to an online meeting room shortly after confirming your appointment time. The system I use is called Power Diary, which is similar to Zoom. The link you are given becomes your meeting room link to click into for future meetings.

Once we are in a remote meeting room together, the consultation runs the same as a usual face-to-face consultation. We discuss your goals, relevant health background, and nutrition-related recommendations. After the consultation, you are sent a plan detailing the key points and recommendations from the consultation.

Don’t you need to see and measure my body?

No. Weighing and measuring clients is actually a very small part of how I work as a dietitian. Meaning, I in fact rarely weigh or measure people in my office. The reason for this is because it is unnecessary and generally invasive for most people.

If you have specific body composition goals, it is likely that I will advise you to use some form of tracking. This could include scales, body measures such as waist and hips, or photos that you can record yourself and feedback to me as needed. These details can be discussed during your consultation.

Other relevant physical symptoms such as fluid retention, nail spots, or skin problems may also be a part of the initial assessment. These aspects can be discussed further during your consultation if they are relevant to you.