What Is Keto Flu?

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More often than not we need to get a little uncomfortable to reap the benefits of healthy changes. That is almost certainly the case for most people who take a step over to the low-carb side.

Depending on how hard and fast you go with a low carb approach, it’s common to feel a little “off” for a few days. In some circles, this response is called “Keto Flu.” If a flu-like reaction happens for you, don’t panic, take it easy. This is part of the process of your metabolism becoming fat-adapted.

I was interview on “Keto Flu” for both Shape.com and Bodyandsoul.com.au. Our top tips from Julia’s article for Shape.com are:

  • Hydrate with liquids high in electrolytes.
  • Take OTC meds if needed. 
  • Take it easy.
  • Check in with your doctor or dietitian. 

Check out the full articles here:

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